Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tranns kabarett Maxximus

The Infamous Jonny Woo & Ryan Styles come back to Resistance with open hearts & bags full of make-up, high heels & panache!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

"White Hot East End Space"

This week, Along with being hailed by 'Time Out' magazine as a "White hot East End space", Resistance Gallery has been privileged to have the award winning 'My site in space' and 'Switch Theatre' finish their two day site specific performance residency.
And what a fantastic couple of days it was!
15 artists created some wonderful, challenging, and delightful pieces.
Photos to follow.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Head To Head

Leon Britannico & Bradford W Bush went head to head at Lucha Britannia.
Photographic annotation: Tom Medwell

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Awesome weekend!

We just had another awesome weekend here at Resistance.
'Lucha Britannia' broke the silence and muchos amigos partied hard until the early hours on both nights.

The 'Lucha Britannia' show had some new faces and voices added this time.
At first the shows presenter, Dr Rupert G Hooper, was absent and his pushy show mum, 'Dr Mrs Murtle G Hooper' hysterically ran the proceedings.
Rupert showed up in the ring late and drunk, and was severely chastised by his overbearing Mother.

They also introduced a new commentator called Rocco Palatzo.
Rocco also happens to be a gumshoe detective and 'United Resistance Movement' reporter.
In the future he will be adding play by play along side Dr Dopplepumpshaft colour commentary.

The regular Lucha silence breaking DJ, Mark McCarthy was in fine form playing a couple of great sets over both nights, as were new comers to the 'RetroFutureVerse' Miss Dani Vinci and The Limehouse Cutthroat, who is also Lucha's top propagandist!

'Glamazon Luchadora', Mamzelle Maz was riotous on the Friday show, nearly getting into a wrestling match herself with one or two of the naughtier Luchadors.
She was taken away by the 'Thought Troopers' for a 'Routine Mental Maintenance' check, something to do with the other absent 'Luchadora' Byzy Bizarre, so was unable to make the Saturday show.
The 'Lucha Medical Bitches' Tammy Torture and Ana Agony gloriously stepped in to cover for the missing Luchadora's and had many a misadventure themselves!

The Lucha Libre wrestling was a spectacle to behold.
Good guys and bad flying at each other with verbosity, style and force, making the packed crowd laugh and jeer in equal measures.
The characters of the 'RetroFutureVerse' are amazing larger than life pantomine atheletes, with the incredible ability to make one wince one moment or roar with laughter the next.
You can see wrestling on the TV any time, but seeing this action for real, up close, sometimes only inches away from your own face or body, is really something to behold.
The skill of these guys is fantastic, not only to be performing incredible feats of endurance, but taking the hardcore punishments while still keeping in character.
What am i saying? These are not characters, these guys are the real deal! Real life superheroes and Villains brought to life and the edge of unconsciousness, for our entertainment...And they do not EVER disappoint!

On the Friday show, 'Pariah Circus' brought the house down with their own unique style of sex, violence, bondage, fire and strap-ons.
Pariah are now one of, if not the, most exciting, gross, funny and committed acts in Britain right now!
They get it right from start to finish, the right mixture of humor and "Oh my god! did you just see that!" A rare balance which sets them head and shoulders above anything in their ballpark.
It's also just great to see two sexy girls fire whipping the hell out of a man they call 'Scrod'.

Throughout the weekend's double bill, we had the inimitable 'Lois of the Lane' injecting the squared circle with quadruple doses of great physical comedy and mime to an hysterical soundtrack.
Yes we said mime!!!
It's actually not a dirty word anymore when you have performers like Lois, pushing the boundaries with such skill and conviction, leaving us the audience, with huge grins on our faces and a slightly aching belly from all the laughing.

Then on to the legendary Jon 'Nawashi Murakawa' Blake.
His traditional Japanese 'Kinbaku' rope bondage performances always leave an audience inspired, yet challenged, offering a uniquely British twist on all that is Japanese, sexy, violent and surreal.
Murakawa is true performance artist, never compromising, always challenging.
His performance this time had a slightly political/satirical edge featuring the pink tinged pages of the financial times, red and blue coloured paper snow, bundles of reeds, a beautiful lady drapped in fabric and lots of rope!

Some people don't like what he does, some people love it, some don't understand, but all watch intently transfixed, as though they are roebuck deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.

We cannot of course forget the amazing renditions of popular songs from 'Tranny Shack' stars, Ritzy Crackers and Vanilla Lush.
These two starlets gave the audience an earful and eyeful of surprises over the two nights.
With parodies of Amy Winehouse and Jlo bringing the house down, 'Lucha Britannia's' own Mexiconian missile, Estupido the human torpedo, added extra verve to one of Vanilla's live songs. Basically stripping her clothes of during the rendition of 'Womaniser' to shock, horror and later delight.
This was one of my all time favorite moments in 'Lucha Britannia'.
Words cannot do it justice!

Monday, 10 November 2008


Our underground venue is taking on a whole new meaning this week with the first improve workshops of my site in space, which culminates in two performances on the weekend of the sat 22nd & sun 23rd. Highly recommended stuff! http://www.switchperformance.co.uk/mysite/

But before all that of course we are transforming Resistance into the home of British Lucha Libre wrestling & cabaret sinestro show, Lucha Britannia!

As their new secret base of operation, we shall be facilitating all kinds of crazy action, art, performances, comedy, freak show, & of course wrestling!

See below for all details.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lucha Britannia @ Resistance Gallery: Winter Weekender!

Fri 14th & Sat 15th Nov

Resistance Gallery

Tickets are available now for the Lucha Britannia Winter Weekender at www.wegottickets.com, follow links below.

www.wegottickets.com/event/38362for Friday 14th Nov

www.wegottickets.com/event/38363for Saturday 15th Nov

Regenerated & raring to go after some immense battling in front of 2000 screaming ‘Revo’Lucha’nary fans at the 'Bizarre Ball', 'Lucha Britannia' has returned & is ready for action in two back to back, hardcore, yet more intimate shows at Bethnal Green’s hottest new Avante Garde performance space, 'Resistance Gallery'.

Time Out & Bizarre magazine will be there along with stars of London's Fetish scene & freak show fraternity.

Because of the huge scale Lucha Britannia reached this year, what with headlining the Alternative arena at both Reading & Leeds Festivals, the revolutionary fans & performers decided to go 'old school' & return to a more intimate 200 capacity venue, so be warned: This will sell out QUICK!.

Featuring all the thrills & death-defying spills of hardcore masked 'Lucha Libre' wrestling, plus a plethora of crazy acts, characters, comedy, cabaret & DJ's, all recruiting you into the 'RetroFutureVerse'!


Dr Rupert G Hooper, Dr Doppleshaftpump, Byzy Bizarre, Mamzelle Maz, Ana Agony, Tammy Torture, Dona Peligroso, Zombie Mitford, Lois of the Lane, Shiro Yoshida, Leon Britannico, Estupido the human torpedo, Bradford W Bush, Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, Sir Thomas Chamberlain, El Pirano, Necrosis, Mark McCarthy, Noko440, Ms Vinci, The Limehouse Cutthroat, Nawashi Murakawa, Big Big Day, The Pariah Circus, Latex Couture Atsuko Kudo...Plus a whole lot more...

More fighting, More comedy, More Horror, More fetish, More Carry-On, More Music, More Spandex & More Hosiery & Lingerie!!!

All taking place in & around our full sized 'Luchatastic' professional wrestling ring

No dress code but crazy costumes seem to the order of the night, fetish, horror, goth, Lucha Libre, superhero, drag, animal, movie star, anything to be snapped by our Lucha Britannia Photographic Historical Annotators for inclusion into our web based 'Roll Call of Valor'.

Break the Silence!
Tell ur frien
ds, chop ur enemies!
Viva La Resistance!!!!!

Mamzelle Fifi
Pretty Pervy
El Pirano
Leon Britannico

Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Fetishistas

Please have a look at this great news piece about Resistance gallery on The Fetishistas website.



Resistance Gallery Feature in Bizarre Magazine

Take a sneaky peek at the latest issue of 'Bizarre' magazine (no.140).
Half page article on 'Resistance Gallery' & some Pics.
Viva la Wrong.