Monday, 12 October 2009

RARE! Rock & Roll Expressionists coming to Resistance Gallery in December

RARE! Rock & Roll Expressionists, is coming to Resistance Gallery in starting Mon Nov 30th thru to Fri Dec 4th! (Evenings only)

It's a collective experience of art and music by five artists who are also in five great bands.

Tom Spencer, Nick Reynolds, Tyla, Gaye Advert & Vince Ray from the band's:
The Loyalties, Alabama 3, Dogs D'Amour, The Adverts and The Boneshakers, to name but a few.

Each of the musicians is also a successful artist in their own different mediums, so there will be stained glass window art, watercolour paintings, oils, collage and graphic works on display from the artists and different variations and combination's of the various bands on different nights.

Entrance is free but is on a guest list email in /first ask first get scenario.
Email your ticket requests to

more updates will be appearing on the facebook page in the coming weeks.