Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lucha Britannia @ Resistance Gallery: Winter Weekender!

Fri 14th & Sat 15th Nov

Resistance Gallery

Tickets are available now for the Lucha Britannia Winter Weekender at, follow links below. Friday 14th Nov Saturday 15th Nov

Regenerated & raring to go after some immense battling in front of 2000 screaming ‘Revo’Lucha’nary fans at the 'Bizarre Ball', 'Lucha Britannia' has returned & is ready for action in two back to back, hardcore, yet more intimate shows at Bethnal Green’s hottest new Avante Garde performance space, 'Resistance Gallery'.

Time Out & Bizarre magazine will be there along with stars of London's Fetish scene & freak show fraternity.

Because of the huge scale Lucha Britannia reached this year, what with headlining the Alternative arena at both Reading & Leeds Festivals, the revolutionary fans & performers decided to go 'old school' & return to a more intimate 200 capacity venue, so be warned: This will sell out QUICK!.

Featuring all the thrills & death-defying spills of hardcore masked 'Lucha Libre' wrestling, plus a plethora of crazy acts, characters, comedy, cabaret & DJ's, all recruiting you into the 'RetroFutureVerse'!


Dr Rupert G Hooper, Dr Doppleshaftpump, Byzy Bizarre, Mamzelle Maz, Ana Agony, Tammy Torture, Dona Peligroso, Zombie Mitford, Lois of the Lane, Shiro Yoshida, Leon Britannico, Estupido the human torpedo, Bradford W Bush, Bengal Tiger Rajan Singh, Sir Thomas Chamberlain, El Pirano, Necrosis, Mark McCarthy, Noko440, Ms Vinci, The Limehouse Cutthroat, Nawashi Murakawa, Big Big Day, The Pariah Circus, Latex Couture Atsuko Kudo...Plus a whole lot more...

More fighting, More comedy, More Horror, More fetish, More Carry-On, More Music, More Spandex & More Hosiery & Lingerie!!!

All taking place in & around our full sized 'Luchatastic' professional wrestling ring

No dress code but crazy costumes seem to the order of the night, fetish, horror, goth, Lucha Libre, superhero, drag, animal, movie star, anything to be snapped by our Lucha Britannia Photographic Historical Annotators for inclusion into our web based 'Roll Call of Valor'.

Break the Silence!
Tell ur frien
ds, chop ur enemies!
Viva La Resistance!!!!!

Mamzelle Fifi
Pretty Pervy
El Pirano
Leon Britannico