Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pop Up Shopping Day & Work The Room Event

It's been an age of too much happening & not enough time to update but here we go with our new Pop Up Shopping day Art & creativeness market. Featuring over 40 artist, designers & makers, this looks to be the place to find unique stuff at affordable prices!
Sat May 5th. Starts at 1pm.
More details can be found here:

Then we have a special event put together by some amazing people called Work The Room!
Sat May 5th. Starts at 9pm. 
Featuring a whole host of crazy & funny stuff.
Live music by your hosts :
Comedy :
Walter presents "Being Frank"
Julia Collings
Karl Gravey
Naked Poetry Reading
Squarest Person in The Room contest : The aim of this event is to stick-it-to-the-man good 'n' proper and put the frighteners on the squares. To this end there will be a prize given for The Squarest Person In The Room which will be viciously handed out by our compères without mercy."
Extreme Performance Art :
Cynth Icorn The Purely Perverted
Madam Jizz
Your Compères for the evening :
Cornelius The Illustrated Ape
Sobriety Twist
Joey Zero's Warlock Sound
Stuart Vern
Noko 440 - 7" Post Punk Vinyl 

Full details can be found here: