Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lolita in Wonderland

It's here, its fantastic, and its all day long baby!

Saturday 27th Feb starting at 12 midday & it's free!!!
Day of Lolita
12 – 6pm Free Entry

Lolita 101, fashion shows, art exhibition, films and animé, workshops and talks, tea and cake, fun and games!

Evening ‘tea party’
8pm – 3am Entry: £5 Donation.

Featuring music by “vocalist, pianist and cello rapist” Tylean, guro-kawaii performances by Syban V, oriental swordplay by Dangerous Dolly, Japanese rope self-suspension by Boykitten and more!

Dress code: EGL, EGA, Alice in Wonderland, punk, kodona, dandy, decora, goth, cyber, fantasy, cosplay, burlesque, kimono, oriental, formal, etc. Dress to impress!

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Event Updates!

Key note speaker and 'teapartyclub' founder Kyra 'blondedebates' Bown will be giving a talk of the origins of Lolita fashion, its history, pop culture and how to find and host Lolita meet ups.

Our Lolita 101 panel will take your comments, questions and queries about Lolita fashion and it's associates.
Panel members include:
* Kyra 'blondedebates' Bown
* Lianne 'Ichigo_shock' Cheal
* FifiiJelly
* Rozenxmaiden
* StockingShock
* Alexander 'Boykitten' Ramsay.

Workshops and competitions will include:
* Loli Bingo!
* Supa-kawaii Raffle of Doom
* "Ita - ur doin it wrong!"
* Design competition
* Lolita on a shoestring
* Best dressed
* Loli's got talent
* and more!

And, most importantly, teas and cakes etc. will include:
* English Breakfast
* Afternoon tea
* Earl Grey
* Blue Lady
* Jasmine
* Green tea
* Fairtrade Coffee
* Macarons
* Victoria sponge
* Cupcakes
* Japanese sweets
* Pocky
* And more: please put in a request!

The Exhibition


* Ciel-art / Wing Yun Man / KuroKumo / wing
* Rockin Royale / laininnocence
* Fictious Disorder / omor_campidgs
* Neppa / Kate Bresnahan
* Guip-in-a-Box / stockingshock
* Anne Bastian / waldmear
* candy_influence
* Milk-Cafe / ichigo_shock
* Malady Charlotina / ulorin_vex
* ruin_hci
* Pixie / Poupettine / pixie_late
* Kyra Bown
* Compulsive Behaviour


* Freyagushi
* Nikita Sablier
* Stocking Shock
* English Charm
* Angels Carrying Savage Weapons
* Graphic Princess
* One Wish Left
* Nika-N
* Izaskun Gonzalez

The performers:

TyLean's performance will include a first ever, live re-creation of "Rosalyn."

The infamous performance artist Syban V will be appearing on stage with a new and shiny guro-kawaii cabaret!

Dangerous Dolly will be premièring a martial arts meets burlesque. Sharpen your blades for a geisha-samurai swordplay spectacle!

And Boykitten will be doing his awe inspiring self-suspension routine, which premiered at the Backlash charity fundraiser event 'Ab Fab Cabaret' in January this year and has attracted attention from some of the UK’s top rope artists.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Resistance Gallery is not a Night Club!

Resistance Gallery is not a Night Club!
Resistance Gallery is a concept of the mind!
A place in space and time where often times, magical things can happen.
Resistance Gallery is Art, Ideas, Music, Imagination, Performance, Workshops, Think Tanks, Photography, Meetings, Spoken Word, Sanctuary, Lucha, Super Hero Hideaway, and a multitude of other wonderful things at all different times.

Support your local Resistance!

Use your mind to create the histories of our futures!