Thursday, 11 March 2010

Suzzan B Returns to Resistance Gallery at Fangtasia London

Cult heroine of the canvas, Suzzan B is to show her 'Abasement of Dolls' collection one last time at Fangtasia London on Friday 12th March.

The five pieces on display are remarkable, thought provoking, beautiful and horrific all at once!
Known in the scene as the 'Goddess of Gore', Suzzan has had a cult following with her paintings, and has graced many magazines with articles over her controversial work.

“A Basement of Dolls” depicts women with mutilated bodies adorned with lingerie and other stereotypical visuals of a sexualized point of view, such as exaggerated lips, doll’s bodies or stylized reproductive organs, vividly colored hair and overdone make-up. They call attention to our concepts of beauty and also of intimacy, causing us to question our own ideals regarding beauty and gender, and those imposed upon us by the media and society.

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