Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mutiny!! Money On Trial!

Thurs 24th Sept starting at 18.00pm

Join the Mutiny group!

MUTINY = carnivalesque evenings providing live entertainment and meaningful debates. We are a diverse group who've come together to create an exciting space for discussion, critical theory and alternative media.

"We want to change the world. We want to see an end to the carbon economy, to the global dominance of the American military complex and sweatshops abroad and call centres in the UK. At the same time we want to spend an evening with friends, enjoying a drink and the spectacle of alternative films and documentaries, performances and poetry, comedy and art installations."

"We got comedy, spoken word, DJ's, bands, a mezzanine for photography, film and art and a huge central table for debate and discussion from the audience. We have 150 tickets and one of them has your name on it."

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