Saturday, 23 October 2010

Stunning new exhibition 'Beauty In Decay' comes to Resistance Gallery !

The strange thing then is not that Urban Explorers exist; it's that the rest of us have forgotten that we are Urban Explorers too!

Resistance Gallery presents:
Opening Thursday 4th November. 7pm
Resistance Gallery 265 Poyser Street, London E2 9RF

We at Res Gal have long been interested in urban exploration, the illicit art of finding an old disused building and imagining what may have transpired there, so imagine our glee when we found out about this stunning new book which hauntingly and poetically shows some of the worlds most wonderful decaying and forgotten sites.

Put together by philosophical photographer and artist, RomanyWG, Beauty In Decay is not only a coffee table must but also a historical document, reflecting our ever transient times!

Together with the stunning book of the same name, Resistance Gallery and Carpet Bombing Culture present the first major ‘Urban Exploration’ exhibition & book signing, Beauty In Decay.

What's the Story with Urban Exploration?
It's easy to describe what an Urban Explorer does; they infiltrate into abandoned buildings and industrial sites and explore them, often taking photographs along the way. They don't steal, vandalise or even leave graffiti behind them. In fact their code of honour is reminiscent of the rambler's way: Take only pictures leave only footprints. It is, on the other hand, not so easy to describe the whys and wherefores.

We have around 20 large format and 4 massive hauntingly beautiful photographs, which will be on display and up for sale  throughout the month, along with this new incredible photographic book with deep philosophical text by Patrick Potter. Book signing from 7.30-9.30.

Exhibition opens 7pm Thursday 4th November till end of the month. Entry is free. Check our other sites for events and Art Boutique! 
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