Monday, 10 May 2010

Resistance Gallery artists spotlight on 'Grave Industries' aka Skot Reynolds

As part of our ongoing Resistance Rising showcase of artists, this month we present the fast rising star, 'Grave Industries' aka Skot Reynolds.

Hailing from south London, Skot Reynolds is has been creating and customizing since he was a child, always scratching from his often morbid fascination with the dead and skulls.
Although preferring to work in black and white, he sometimes lets a bit of colour creep eerily into his creations.

Having sold pieces in the world renowned low brow/pop surrealism specialists, Strychnin Gallery in Berlin and now by us in the UK, Skot's own interpretation of art can hopefully get some more tongues wagging and adopt a place maybe in your life's collection of art!
 You can find Grave Industries adorning the walls, shelves and display cabinets of Resistance Gallery or you can contact him personally here: