Monday, 19 July 2010

Resistance Gallery artists spotlight on 'Jason Atomic'

In our ongoing efforts to keep you informed as to 'who's who' on the underground and alternative London art scene, we are proud to present as part of our Resistance Rising showcase of artists, the mighty Jason Atomic.

As well as being London's most notorious live sketch artist, Atomic paints, creates comic books, collectors trading cards, limited run boutique clothing, prints, toy art and has a penchant for masks!
Atomic is something of a London legend, always out late at night armed only with his Sharpie, a sketch book and accompanied by his personal bodyguard, sometime muse and suicide girl, Honey Manko.

Jason admits to being..
"born with that peculiar birth defect that leads to one being labelled an artist." 
He says:
"Despite popular misconceptions, I think it's a curse one learns to accept rather than a job description. it's not something one chooses to take up as a vocation, but more a compulsion that prevents one from being able to concentrate on mundane drudgery."

 Jason's work is a culmination of years of finding his own hand and as such has a unique, distinct 'Joie de Vivre' about it. A style which finds favour with not only serious collectors but also toy manufacturers, magazine publishers, record companies, internet fan sites, art galleries, night clubs and other well respected artists from around the world.
It's this mutual respect or fandom that helps keep Atomic working furiously on piece after piece: Taking on projects sometimes merely because he loves the work of other artists.
This has led to many awesome collaborations with other underground art legends like 'Anthony Ausgang', 'Suckadelic', 'Rockin Jelly Bean', 'Junko Mizuno' and the late 'Rammellzee'.

 Atomic has again had his arm twisted by LucasFilm corporation and Topps trading cards into producing a second series of original,  first ever, die-cut shaped Star Wars sketch cards and holds the unofficial world record for live speed sketching!

At Resistance Gallery last August, Atomic teamed up with Vanderhorne to create one of the best events of the year, Iconography of Mask.
IOM was a three day/night mini festival celebrating everything about the art of masks.
IOM is promised to return next year with an even bigger line-up of international artists and performers

See more of Jason Atomic's artwork and stories on his links below

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Award winning London based new school wrestling leaders, Lucha Britannia, return to Res Gal!

Fresh from their three night 'super headline' stint at Download festival in Donington park last month, the super-human freedom fighting force, Lucha Britannia, return to their home ground of Bethnal Green, East London to 'Recruit' new members into the 'United Resistance Movement', and put on one of their fabled 'Lucha Underground' shows!
Friday 16th July at 9pm. tickets available here! We Got Tickets!

New sneak preview vid by Michael Oswald from Lucha Britannia at Download Festival 2010

Read more about the story behind Lucha Britannia here!

Viva La RevoLuchan!!