Friday, 29 May 2009

Boris keep your promise!!!

Special event to raise awareness about the closing of rape centres & of lying politicians!
Here's what the Facebook page says:

Boris Johnson's pre-election campaign material made a great deal of his promise to pay for three new rape crisis centres and fund the existing centre for at least four years. There's now a distinct possibility that Boris will renege on his promise so this is a campaign to let him know that we'd like him to stand by his word.

Please consider yourself invited to our campaign launch night! It's a comedy cabaret night with added activism and is the first step in a long campaign to remind Boris that we were listening when he promised to support rape victims and we'd like him to KEEP HIS PROMISE!

This is the amazing line up has been arranged for your delectation and for FREE!

Josie Long (Perrier newcomer )
Fancy Chance, (Alternative Miss World)
Andrew O'Neill (Saxondale)
Miss Behave (Olivier Award Winning member of La Clique)
Amundsen and Slade's Sonic Sideshow
Lady Carol
Ophelia Bitz

Music from
Daniel Orcese
The Stillhouse Orchestra

With deck spinning by Miss Vinci and Uncle Tom's Wedding Reception.

We'll have a letter board called 'Stick it Boris' where we'll ask you to write a letter to Mr Johnson reminding him of his pledge and stick it up on the wall. You'll also be able to write to your local GLA representative asking them to petition the mayor themselves. We will provide you with paper, pens, templates, address info and then we'll put it in the post for you.

We're also asking people who can manage it to give £2 a month to the Croydon Rape Crisis Centre, standing order forms supplied!

Please come and show Boris how you feel on this issue. It's not too late to make him cough up.

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