Monday, 19 April 2010

Bizarre Magazine And Resistance Gallery join forces once again and create 'BITCHSLAP!'

This arty and fun descent into Bizarre madness and crazy antics see's a few of Resistance Rising's stars return for this new regular monthly event with a twist!
BITCHSLAP! is the kinda thing that lets art, performance, music and socializing collide in a pseudo-Fem-Dom, Russ Meyer-esque, beyond the valley of the dolls pastiche of technicolor.

Said to be akin to a mini Bizarre Ball, BITCHSLAP! looks set to take the world by storm!

Entry to BITCHSLAP! is limited and free to those who bring a copy of the latest Bizarre mag with them, issue 163, Vampires vs Werewolf cover!

And it is brought to you by the team unleashing the BIZARRE BALL in London on June 5

The inaugural BITCHSLAP! will feature special guest performances from freaky stars who’ve featured in the pages of Bizarre, Fangtasia London, Lucha Britannia & Resistance Gallery, with amazing prize giveaways, and a 'magical photo booth' where you can have your picture taken with your friends, the Cabaret Siniestro stars… and maybe the Bizarre team!
BITCHSLAP! is a Russ Meyeresque journey into the mondo bizarre world of great art, music, fun Grindhouse BDSM, psychedelia and alternative sub-cultures featuring Underground art, sounds, alt fashion, the ever popular Domination corner, Rope Bondage, performances and lots lots more.
Imagine if Bizarre magazine came to life while you were reading it!!! That's BITCHSLAP!!!!

Sheriff Vanderhorne-co-host-Fangtasia London
Missy Macabre-Dark mistress of the flame

Mistress Amrita=House Dominatrix
DJ She-Ra
DJ Rubber Dolly
DJ Jox McRox

Esinem-Rope Bondage
Miss DeVenney-Pole Rape
Bradford W Bush-annoying Yankee Lucha wrestler
Shiro Yoshida-Lucha wrestler
Metallico-Lucha Wrestler
Miss Miranda-Glamazon
Mamzelle Maz-Glamazon!/pages/Mamzelle-Maz/395686155510?ref=ts

Will Huntt-Club Crimson
Echo-Club Crimson
Simon Maxwell-Eights N Aces
Lee Baker-Vagina art
Photography by Armando De'Ath

BDSM furniture from club Crimson
Grave Ind artworks=
Lufwaffe Munny= Tear of Envy
Photography, Weird Art, Masks & Dolls by Compulsive Behaviour