Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Angela Edwards shocks Resistance with unveiling of new horrific collection

This week Resistance Gallery is proud to present in conjunction with Fangtasia London's one year anniversary, the outrageous art of Angela Edwards.

Angela is something of a maverick prolific painter, attacking her work with a ferocity and passion which leaves some critics cowering for cover as they find it difficult to get their heads around some of the gory, sexual and downright horrific themes and attitudes!

Female psycho-sexuality, sex work, rape, drug addiction, duality, overdose, homelessness, all are part of Edwards deep dark bag of influences.

Her raw power needs to be seen for real as her oil on canvas paintings are a terrifying beauty to behold, the latest of which is a 9 metre canvas of nightmarish proportions, just one of 14 pieces now showing at Resistance Gallery for the next week, starting on Fangtasia London's dark anniversary party on Friday 10th Sept.
More detail about True Blood's Fangtasia London, go here!

"Edwards Highly idiosyncratic paintings are characterised by the artists obsessive preoccupation  re shaping the human form.Her archetypal stimulus is the biomorph , and as William Burroughs morphed the body in ways which pushed towards the alien.Edwards figures also appear to be gesticulating through instinctual  primitive ritual of visceral eroticism , a performing subcultural species totally  of Angela's own creation that she has redefined liberated into paint."   
Jeremy Reed, Cult Writer.

"Tackling such hard hitting  social issues as rape homelessness child prostitution , drug addiction , head on , Edwards work offers us a  unique insight into the world of the poverty stricken ignored lower classes of Britain Today. Working with oil on canvass , her grotesque and nightmarish images , along  with her bold dynamic brushwork are reminiscent of the work of Francis Bacon .Unafraid to reveal her feminist principles and her ambivalent feelings towards sexual identity , Edwards purges personal experiences and eye witness accounts from her psyche. Expressing herself in total purity truth  uncompromising like a child in her practice , she brings a  raw energy to her work with is both shocking and mesmerising."
Zoe Hatch. Curator, warehouse gallery. 

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