Monday, 31 October 2011

Mexico Siniestro ! The Sinister Art of the Mexico's Underground!

Mexico Siniestro !
The Sinister Art of the Mexico's Underground!

Thursday 3rd- 7:30 pm till 12am
Saturday 5th- 6:00 pm till 2:00am November 2011.

We are celebrating the influence that Mexican culture & art is having on the aesthetics and artistic practices all over the world.

Mexico's rich heritage of religious, cult & folklore iconography is the launch point for our incredible forthcoming exhibition.
From the traditional Catholic shrines to the Santa Muerte death worshipping cult.
The ancient Aztec influence through to mainstream Lucha Libre hysteria on a massive scale.

Drug warlords & gangland killings.
Poverty, corruption, politics. Love, death and afterlife.
Graffiti, shrines, skulls, spells and curses.

Mexico Siniestro ! Features a pool of superb artists of different disciplines from around the globe who have used the religious & cult aspects of Mexico's iconography for some of their inspiration.
And we hope to present an international insight into a wonderful nation’s consciousness which has been producing exciting and unique art for 1000’s of years.

Art Exhibition opens Thursday 3rd Nov: with special performances by Marnie Scarlet Syban Maria Almena& Korero Book Launch, MEXICAN GRAPHICS. We will count also with Korero's SKULLFACE & THE DAY OF THE DEAD : El dia de los muertos books.
Sat 5th: Art Market, Mexican food & fiesta with music into the night.
Through out the event we will have special appearances from Lucha Britannia wrestlers.


Skot Reynols aka Grave Industries
Chris Sutton aka Artmafia
Marnie Scarlet
Esther Perez Ramirez
Angela Edwards
Deborah Griffin
Susi Brox Nilsen
Ella Guru
Estelle Riviere aka Monsterlune
Frodo47 / Javier S. SaƱudo
Ian Ward
Jason Atomic
Kate Lomax
Krzyztof Wlodarski
Tom Spencer
Miranda Barrie
Oly Kenna
Pelin Santilli
Zed Desideraja
Istvan Nyari
Adam Bloom
Jess De Wahls
Dario Vargas
Kate Hawakridge
Ben Hopper
Doralba Picerno
Emma Hockley
Rebecca Cooper
Tracy Watt
Raw 'Doyle' Meat
Paul Barrow
Jeremy Cross
Jesper Bram
Johnny Stingray
13 Lagrimas
Jojo's Bones
Buddy Nestor
Magda Zon
Anne 'Blondie' Bengard
Gaye Black
More Brains Vicar
Melissa Szeto
Vlad Quigley
Bonnie Baker
Alex Cawkvellian
Alan Parker
Raul Pina Perez
Maria Almena
Leo Rios
Sue Kreitzman
Robert Quinn
David Heulun
Izaskun Gonzalez


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