Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A super busy summer for Resistance

It's been a non stop rollercoaster ride of crazyness for the ResGal.
Weve had such a plethora of super cool events and exhibitions over the last four months that we didnt even have time to update our beloved blog!

Here's just a few of them:

Firstly many thanks to the very lovely and super talented artist Ella Guru, whose exhibition was incredible and just what the doctor ordered, for a sunny September art opening.

Ella captures in oil, the faces and names of the hottest underground arts and entertainment industry acts from around the globe.
Check out more of her superb work here:
And you can see Peter Wallis pictures of the opening night here:

We also had the hugely successful,  Fet-X magazine UK launch party, which featured erotic and fetish art from Mendoza, Sardax and Alan Daniels.
You can see Peter Wallis pictures of the event here!

The London festival of the art of Japanese rope bondage was one of the latest highlights. A four day full on festival dedicated to the art of rope bondage! The clue is in the name really. See more here! 

We've had champagne and cupcakes, cake decorating workshops one week, Master workshops the next, Latex making workshops the next and then intensive three day kinesiology, body dynamics and wrestling for performance art workshops the next!

It's all go! go! go! at the mo, with the all singing, all dancing, all exciting, all subversive, daring and dangerous safe haven for all things a bit out of the ordinary!

Stand by for action!
Vive la Resistance!

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