Friday, 7 August 2009

"East Ends White Hot Space!"

"Akin to a mini ICA" and "East Ends White Hot Space" are just two of the many quotes from the British media about Resistance Gallery which has become a benchmark for us to maintain by keeping our events as interesting, ground breaking and accessible as we possibly can by working hard and collaborating with great people and cool new ideas.

It's just one short year ago that Resistance Gallery opened it's doors and subversive attitude to a multitude of fascinating underground sub-cultural artists, performances & alt club tribes.

"We operate in a challenging yet very atmospheric space made all the harder by the incredibly tough financial time everyone is facing at the moment.

The current financial crisis hasn't stopped our creativity or desire to provide the very best artistic events, it's just made it super difficult!
We hope that we can continue to go from strength to strength and build on what has already been an amazing first year."

Esme by Armando Kinetic Image

Resistance has been home to some of the most interesting & innovative characters on the London scene during the last 12 months:
People like Ryan Styles, Jason Atomic, Nawashi Murakawa, Johnny Woo, Esinem, Johnny BlueEyes, Lucha Britannia, Kindle, Crazy White Sean, Vivid Angel, Bizarre Magazine, Murrey and Vern, Blue Demon Jnr, El Hijo Del Santo, Syban V Manticore, Meg Lee Chin, Mamzelle Maz, The Fetishistas, The Coolness, Pig Iron, Lydia Morgan, Stan Leather, Suzzan B, Kim Rub, Kinetic Image, Toxico Clothing, Valeria, Triibe Liquer, Esme, Atticus Clothing, Jeff Leach, Honey Manko, Yasha Young, Maxim Reality, Miss Vinci, Janette Slack, Scottee, Slaughterhaus Five, Gravity, Trans Kaberett Maxximus, Fancy Chance, Anderw O'Neil, Reeps 1, Dickie Beau, Secret Wars, Pariah Circus, Switch Theatre, Limehouse Cutthroat, The McCarricks, Monk 513, Finlay Cowan, Lee Baker, Deborah Griffin, Noko 440, Grave Industries, Ben Newman, London Fetish Scene, Veronica Valentine, Samantha Stone, Ms Miranda, Empress Stah, Eights N Aces, Illustrated Ape Magazine, Crystal Fighters, Saampa Von Cyborg, Monsterlune, Bird la Bird, Santa Gasolina, Tom Medwell, Gaynor Perry, Annie Bertram, Bobette, Marcus T, Jan, Simon Maxwell, Geoff Boyz, Midori, Mistress Absolute, Lucifire, Tusk, Tears of Envy, Lady Lucy, Pippa the Ripper, Run Riot, Buster Bennett and many more to numerous to mention!!!

Stay tuned for the next enthralling episode!!!

Griffin, Yoshida & Perry. And Ryan Styles BW at top of page by Tom Medwell

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