Monday, 24 August 2009

Vampires are coming to Resistance Gallery

On Friday 18th September, Fangtasia London hits Res Gal!

Inspired by the new hit HBO series 'True Blood', Fantasia London is the new Vampire club night that we've all been waiting for.

'Fangtasia' is a modern Vampire friendly club night featuring an array of top notch sleazy southern Rock n Roll, Goth, Grunge, Metal, Blues and swamp laden tunes, exclusive un-dead bands and sexy Vampy performers.

With 'True Blood' in mind and behind the bar, this regular monthly excursion into oblivion and bliss will definitely set pulses pounding and hearts racing.

For Vampires, Shape-shifters, Were-folk and their Human companions!!!

Please go to the Fangtasia site for full details.
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