Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Skin for the Old Ceremony

Resistance Presents a new exhibition of works from Espira and Kris Wlodarski

Thursday, September 17th 8pm

Espira and Kris Wlodarski, two of London's most visually provocative artists come together to present new paintings in their upcoming " New Skin for the Old Ceremony " exhibition.

Espira was born and raised within a religious Mormon family, training from an early age to become a Missionary. He slowly turned his back on the Religion to become a self-taught artist based in London.

Espira has become widely recognised for his powerful large scale paintings and digital illustrations. Showing a range of influences from the banal and everyday, high fashion, period costumes, raw meat, war images and ritualistic religious symbolism. The collision of visionary aesthetics and transgressive iconography within his work lure the spectator into a world which evokes an Apocalyptic and dangerous message. Often considered by many to be a savage and darkly humourous assault on contemporary culture.

Espira's strong body of artwork has been showcased across the globe, from traditional galleries to the legendary London fetish club Torture Garden. Fresh from a recent successful solo show in Paris he presents a collection of defiant new paintings to a London audience.

"Punk Rock for the Art world..."

"This evil grandchild of Vivienne Westwood tells us with brilliant paintings that era of overconsumption is over, muting in aestetics of Dyonisiac Eros & Thanatos inspired overdub."

Kris Wlodarski, aka Kali, born in Poland. Graduated at University of Zielona Gora, Poland (MA philosophy). Influenced by the art of Gottfried Helnwein, Saturno Butto, Joel Peter Witkin, Francis Bacon, the art of Shibari and modern Bodyart movements. He is also a musician, film-maker, and tattoo artist, currently living and working in London.

There is a haunting and otherworldly vision within his paintings. They are about the moments of insanity when the language and logic are suspended in favour of primal drives that are otherwise subject to suppression by cultural structures. Combining elements of fetishism and a sense of the absurd with intense passions and use of colour. He tempts you into a world populated by beautiful and unusual beings. They exist in a space that has a sense of immediacy and raging desire and yet they remain isolated, somewhere between this world and the next.

The opening night will feature a special live performance by Frank Sanazi :

"The man who puts The Fun Back In Fundamental Frank Sanazi, The Ubermeister of Lounge brings a NEW ORDER and discipline to the usually more relaxed swing scene.
He has embraced the modern idiom by singing about and reflecting on the world around him. As his music and style originate from his homeland he has preferred to call the whole movement 'Fatherlounge'.

‘Comedy Gold’ The Evening Standard."

Thursday September 17th 2009
8pm -2am
Featuring .
David TG (Torture Garden)
Mediator (S.E.C.T)

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